At 4 Point Consulting, Every Client is a Partner.

At 4 Point Consulting, we take care of the people part of your business. Our services range from full-time talent acquisition and complete benefits systems creation to employer brand enhancement and HRIS implementation. The 4 Point Consulting team takes a personalized approach in offering balanced HR and talent acquisition services completely tailored to each unique client.
In addition to our superior core offerings and passion for your success, 4 Point Consulting works on an hourly price structure. This means our clients get the best services at a much more affordable price. There are no extra fees, and all projects are approved up front to ensure complete transparency at all times.
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Who We Work With

The 4 Point Consulting team of experts work across a variety of industries where we can be the most helpful and offer the best services. Our target clients are:


From budding startups learning payroll for their first employee to funded ventures looking to split equity, 4 Point Consulting is fully equipped to assist in all HR and talent acquisition needs.

Private Equity Firms

Private Equity Firms partner with 4 Point Consulting for one-off services or projects across their portfolios.

Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

Providing HR services to small- and mid-sized businesses at affordable rates is the reason 4 Point Consulting was founded.

Venture Capital Firms

4 Point Consulting provides Venture Capital firms with sustainable HR and talent acquisition services across current portfolios, or to help build from the ground up.

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The 360 Review Process – An Inside Look at an HR Company’s Implementation

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Letting Go - Employee Termination Letter Template and How-To Guide

Letting Go – Employee Termination Letter Template and How-To Guide

By 4 Point Consulting | March 12, 2019

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Client Accolades

"Our fast-growing startup has utilized 4 Point Consulting for both HR consulting and talent acquisition services. In fact, 4 Point Consulting has been instrumental in hiring over 25 people for us as our company has doubled in size over the last 18 months. More recently, they assisted in our hire of our own CHRO, and we still continue to use their services due to the partnerships and relationships we’ve built over the last two years."

— David Waring, Founder at

"4 Point Consulting was referred to us to help our new business recruit great talent at all levels for our organization. Over the past 18 months, they went from being our recruiter to being our partner on all things HR--from organizational strategy to how to handle sticky people situations to coaching and sanity checks. As a rapidly growing start-up, we quickly realized we had found more than just an efficient recruiter in 4 Point Consulting. We had found a thought partner and experienced HR professionals to help us navigate the breakneck speed of start-up growth. 4 Point Consulting helped us build the backbone of sales, marketing and operation talent helped us quickly double our sales and was with us as we raised our Series A. 4 Point Consulting’s unique business model eliminates a lot of the conflicts of interest that typical recruiters have, and they are a fair broker in helping us evaluate all talent that comes our way. Now they are working with us as we move into hyper-growth mode, adding almost an employee a week and helping us to continually evolve our people strategy for new challenges. 4 Point Consulting’s on-demand HR consulting services are always there when we need them and continue to provide us with excellent support for both our CPG and restaurant businesses."

— Rita M Hudetz, Chief Executive Officer at Hu Products LLC and Hu Kitchen