Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

We're passionate about helping small businesses grow. 

Providing HR services to small and mid-sized businesses at affordable rates is the reason Christy Hopkins started 4 Point Consulting. As a small business owner herself, this practice area is a personal one.

Our hourly business model is the answer to SMB’s HR and talent talent acquisition needs. If a family restaurant in St. Louis needs a few hours of help one month to sort out employee problems, or an IT firm in Abilene, Texas requires 50-hours of talent acquisition services -- our on-demand pricing structure caters to all HR needs and budgets.

We’re here to help optimize & maintain productive workplaces that cultivate success.

There’s no one-size-fits-all HR solution, and we believe in taking a more personalized approach by creating a customized project plan for each client. Our model is different than other agencies because our team of industry leaders and professionals have the experience and knowledge to effectively and efficiently optimize your business -- without the hefty price tag.

Some of our targeted small business services include:

◈    Situation-Specific HR Counseling/Consulting

◈    HR Documentation & Administration

◈    Talent Acquisition/Recruiting

◈    Employee Engagement

◈    Low-cost HR and Benefits Consulting 

◈    Culture & Values Integration; Team Building

◈    Termination Assistance