Our Process

We help conquer your HR and recruiting needs with 7 simple steps: 

1. Tell us how we can help
Send us an email and describe your organization’s needs.

2. We hear you
We schedule a time to chat, and actively listen and ask the right questions.

3. We prepare a proposal
Our proposal will provide you with a customized plan of action designed specifically for your company's needs.

4. We create a detailed outline
When the agreement is in place and everything looks good to go, we dig deeper and outline a detailed plan of attack.

5. We put the plan into action
The project begins as quickly as you need it to once we're outlined and the details planned. We continue to review together as needed, analyze and adapt.

6. We keep you updated
We believe in regular, ongoing communication. Daily or weekly emails; weekly or bi-weekly phone calls.

7. We reach the finish line together
We don’t stop until you’re happy with the results.