The 4 Point Story


4 Point Consulting was founded in 2014 and is based on 4 Points: Recruiting, Technical Recruiting, HR Consulting, and Training & Development for small to mid-sized businesses, including startups, that need affordable options to create success. It's not about the money; it's about the passion for success, the drive for results, the satisfaction in building & creating with your business together as a team.

We specialize in doing affordable HR & recruiting services for companies that think they could never have the help. We have worked with companies of all sizes (from a person with a dream to 100+ employees) and pride ourselves in our excellent success rate. 

Need a developer or an engineer? No problem- we will find you one in your price range. Need to create an employee onboarding and entire HR system? We got your back- we know all about the systems that can help you or we can help you ourselves. Need someone to mediate terse relationships amongst leadership? You can trust us. 

Every client is a partner at 4 Point.