Strategic Partners

Clockwork Recruiting is the candidate tracking software used by and recommended by 4 Point Consulting. With it's clean interface, easy to use features, and ability to allow clients access to their projects (including notes, social media profiles, and more), Clockwork Recruiting makes recruiting projects work like they should- like clockwork.

Justworks is the recommended PEO by 4 Point Consulting. You can read more about our founder's full opinion here but the basics are that Justworks is easy to work with, honest, and completely affordable with great customer service, which is everything you'd want in a co-employer and PEO. Oh, and did we mention they have great affordable benefits for your employees?

BambooHR is a great HR software system that is recommended by 4 Point Consulting. BambooHR focuses on everything employees - from performance management to recruiting to onboarding new employees. Note that they do not provide benefits or payroll services, but they integrate with a ton of those providers, making it an easy add-on for small businesses ready to take HR to the next level.

Harvest time-tracking is a fantastic software system for a small business owner. If you have employees in various locations Harvest can help you track their time by client and/or by project and create invoices for your services.  Harvest will help you pay your employees accurately and you can get reports on their work in real-time. Use the coupon code 4POINTHARVEST to get 50% off your first month after your free trial. You can also read our founder's full opinion here.

DeepTalent is the recommended performance management and performance review system of 4 Point Consulting. Deep Talent is reasonably priced, incredibly easy to use, and it's scalable as a startup or small business grows without break the bank. Setting up performance reviews and performance review cycles is easy, and it is the system used by internal 4 Point management and employees.

Planday is our recommended workforce management software that is ideal for shift-based businesses. With Planday you can rid yourself of the scheduling headaches and stress of replacing a last minute ill employee. You can look forward to cost savings as well, as Planday provides reports on how to lower labor costs. Try it free for 30 days!

Wonscore from Wonderlic is the pre-employment assessment recommended by 4 Point Consulting. Wonscore’s scientifically-proven platform can:

  • help you easily identify who to interview and hire
  •  be set up in under 10 minutes online
  • help instantly you avoid mis-hires
  • identify top performing job applicants.

Try Wonscore for FREE for up to 14 days when you tell them that 4 Point Consulting sent you.