4 Point Consulting is ready to help your company find great people at a reasonable price because we know that people can make or break an organization. We have experience in executive, marketing, sales, customer success, operations, creative, and various other kinds of recruiting. Full-time, part-time, contract or freelance roles are all a part of our wheelhouse. We are here to coach and guide you into figuring out exactly what you need through our intake process.

Have a bad experience with a recruiter or agency in the past? We get it. No shady bounties, penalties, or retainers here. Every client is given a custom proposal based on their needs including a cost range that is provided up front prior to any work being done, all expenses must be pre-approved by the client (we even put that in our contract), and we can provide payment plans for those on a tight budget.

All of our work is charged by the hour and we provide all recruitment systems for free. This includes:

  • Access to our ATS Clockwork so you can see your entire pipeline. You can have as many users as you like and we can be specific on which users have access to which roles.

  • Postings to over 11 major job boards, if your role is relevant to this. We can also post a position confidentially if it is a replacement situation.

  • We source from the best systems we’ve found. We do utilize LinkedIn Recruiter like our competitors but we also have access to several resume databases, our own stored candidate data, and some cool artificial intelligence tools to make sure we are reaching out to people who might be looking.

  • We utilize email and contact information finding software so that we don’t just rely on LinkedIn InMails. We pride ourselves on never spamming people so that when we reach out with our custom messages, people answer.

Most importantly, 4 Point believes in open communication on our fees and all work must be approved by client prior to our start date. Every client is a partner, we say... and we truly mean it.