4 Point Consulting is excited to announce that they are a preferred and verified vendor of Clockwork Recruiting software. If you are a current Clockwork client, you are given access to the Clockwork preferred network, including 4 Point Consulting, for recruiting research services as listed below.

Research level 3

Executive level or “purple squirrel” style talent searches; may also be used for complex technical roles.

Research level 2

Technical recruiting searches; higher level searches (i.e. anything over compensation $75K); higher level list building.

Research level 1

Low level/ entry level/ broad talent searches and list building, like employer and M&A talent mapping.

Research, non-search related

Talent digests and other projects that do not fit into the above categories. Intrigued by what else we can do? Contact us!

4 Point Consulting works especially well with boutique recruiting shops, venture capital, and private equity firms that use Clockwork Recruiting software. We move quickly, are trained in the software already (so we can upload right into your portal), and you then have a team of 7 recruiting and HR consultants behind you to support you in your needs.

Want more, like our full lifecycle recruiting help or HR consulting services? We have special prices for Clockwork firms. Contact us to inquire today!