Outsourcing Recruitment: 10 Signs Your SMB Needs Help

Outsourcing recruitment is a phrase that, as a SMB owner or leader, probably made you cringe at the dollar signs from what you know of recruiting agencies and recruiting platforms. But what if we could tell that you the old, huge retainers or large bounty models are being put down by newer firms that understand what SMBs need- reasonable prices and no hidden fees. That aside, how do you know when it’s time to outsource your recruitment process?

4 Ways to Make the Application Process Better for Job Candidates

Like politicians, recruiters have a constituency – job applicants! That can be easy for many to forget at times. However, to successfully recruit, you need to find and attract quality candidates. This means making the job application process as easy and seamless as can be.

Why You Should Embrace Technology in the Hiring Process

As job candidates continue to become more savvy with the way they search, network and apply for jobs, recruiters can need to be light years ahead when it comes to the use of newfound technology. Outdated, inefficient practices are stifling many recruiting and HR departments, and many of these problems have simple technological fixes practically begging to be used. The future of hiring is here, and it’s time to embrace the technology that is driving it.

5 Tips for Running an Efficient HR Department

When done well, an HR department can become the nucleus of any company. Much burden is placed on an HR department – it not only has to work towards the growth of the company and help it achieve its goals, but also maintain the culture of the company and protect the wellbeing of each and every employee. That’s a lot to juggle, which means an effective HR department has to be efficient in order to satisfy these lofty duties. Whether you’re a one-person HR machine or have a highly skilled team in place, there are some simple steps you can take that will right the path of any HR department.

Recruiting Tools to Help with Your Hiring Efforts

For small businesses, recruiting top talent can be a challenging endeavor, especially when competing against bigger companies that have more resources and money to throw into the ring. With that said, never count yourself – the underdog – out! Thanks to a wealth of recruiting tools available today, small businesses can remain competitive and put up quite the fight when attempting to hire and recruit the best possible employees.

Top 11 Recruiting Pitfalls to Avoid

In the fast, bustling world of recruiting and small business, the main objective when looking for a new employee is to hire the best candidate for a given position as quickly and efficiently as possible while keeping hiring costs manageable. Sounds easy on paper, but it’s a much harder feat to actually accomplish. There are a number of recruiting pitfalls that can knock your recruiting efforts off course if you’re not careful.

How to Ensure You Hire the Right Employee

So, you’ve decided you need to fill out your ranks and bring a new team member(s) on board to help your company achieve greater success – fantastic! However, don’t let that enthusiasm make you too trigger-happy when it comes to finding that special somebody for the position. After all, hiring the right employee is a big undertaking, one that can quite literally cause your business to thrive or die.

Attracting Millennials to Your Business

It’s no secret that millennials are taking the workforce by storm. However, millennials crave different things from their jobs than the traditional workers of yesteryear. In an effort to help attract millennial talent, we have compiled a list of things that millennials look for in a company. Here’s what your company must have in order to lure in millennials.

Paternity Leave Policy- Best Practices & How to Administer a Policy

Paternity leave, and family leave in general, is a hot topic these days as work/life balance, work/life integration, and other buzzwords float around that try to support Americans in their quest for both work and a family. Check out Christy’s full advice here in her work with Fit Small Business on everything you need to know about paternity policies as a small business owner or HR manager- from a policy template to how to administer one and what other business owners are doing.

Top 5 Free Recruiting Strategies

The process of hiring new employees can be quite expensive, with the recruiting process being the most expensive aspect. With recruiting, there are both internal (i.e. internal cost of paying internal recruiters) and external (i.e. background checks, drug screens, etc.) cost associated. Well, below we have listed the top 5 FREE recruiting strategies.