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5 Continuing Education Opportunities to Attract and Retain Top Talent

Retaining employees through team work.

Top talent is difficult to acquire. Once you have high-performing employees, it is essential to implement initiatives to maintain retention. While some may not see it as a priority, statistics show that opportunities for career development and leadership are among the most desirable company offerings. Additionally a lack of employee investment is the reason 91% of workers seek new opportunities. Offering educational opportunities to employees shows them that you are interested in helping them grow and reach their career goals. As an employer, investing in and fulfilling the needs of your top employees will be an integral part to attracting and retaining top talent.

1. Implement Training and Development Programs

High-performing employees understand the value behind training and development programs. Offering these initiatives will attract employees who are looking to improve and want to succeed, which are key qualities of top talent. Training and development programs will not only increase the quality of work, but it will also foster loyalty.

2. Provide Mentorship Opportunities

A mentorship offers many benefits to the mentored employee and the business, as the mentor will impart their good habits and best practices onto the mentee, creating another high-performing employee. The mentor will guide the new employee and offer feedback as they progress in their role. It is also a great way for an incoming staff member to learn the office landscape and to become acquainted with other employees.

3. Send Employees on Conferences

Conferences are a great way to engage employees on topics related to their role. Additionally, it is a great opportunity for them to network with other like-minded professionals. One way to increase the value of the conference is to ask the employee to report back any new practices they learned to the team.

4. Enroll Staff in Professional Courses

Many training and development programs include coursework, as they are a more formal way of learning and can be done at their desk, remotely or in-person.

5. Promote Professional Associations

Presenting employees with access to professional associations is a great way for them to remain up-to-date in their profession. It also allows them to engage outside of work with other similar professionals, and creates the opportunity to expand their network.

6. Offer Job Expansion

After a significant amount of time on the job, the role may grow stale. One way to avoid this is to give employees additional responsibilities to keep them engaged and challenged. When considering expanding an employee’s job roles, work with the individual and their supervisor to find a comfortable balance of additional responsibility.

High-performing employees feel that continued education are critical to progressing their career. Providing these opportunities to staff will show them the company values their career development. Not only will these efforts increase employee loyalty, but it will directly improve the quality of work your employees output. Investing in your employees is an investment in the company.

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