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Comparably: Company Culture Elevated

In less than two years, newcomer Comparably has managed to shake up the public employee review space. By collecting survey data as opposed to solely open text reviews, Comparably provides 100% free compensation and culture data that can be used for employer branding resources and to match job seekers with companies. The Goliath’s Glassdoor and LinkedIn should be on their toes as Comparably moves toward “making work transparent and rewarding.”

In this post, we will reveal what makes Comparably stand out amongst its larger competitors. We will dive into why employers should take advantage of Comparably’s free tools and how it can create a competitive advantage for your organization as you grow!

We will go over:

  • Comparably’s Mission
  • Comparably for Employers
  • Comparably for Job Seekers
  • How Comparably Works
  • What This Means for an SMB Owner

Let’s start with the mission of Comparably.


Comparably’s mission is to provide the most accurate and comprehensive compensation and culture data, to understand employees’ true value and needs to make work better.

The company breaks down into the following four easy to remember “C”  categories:

  • Compensation
  • Career
  • Companies
  • Culture

Comparably’s approach is two-pronged, and it has notable advantages for job seekers and employers alike.


All four of Comparably’s founders have one thing in common, experience in small businesses and startups. Their leadership and expertise have led them to create a unique and versatile product that has notable advantages for companies of all sizes. Here is what you need to know:

  • Compensation: Access to a comprehensive database of salaries for free to see how your team’s comp compares. Run unlimited salary reports and get the most accurate & specific data on what candidates are paid.
  • Career: Meet candidates that match specifically to your company. Access a rich dashboard of interested and quality talent and post unlimited jobs for free.
  • Companies: Build your company brand and promote transparency with your team and potential hires. Update your public company page with images & videos of your team & share access to your Employer Account with other key stakeholders.
  • Culture: Discover how various departments rate your Leadership, Compensation, Team, Environment, and Outlook. Access your competitive culture analytics and see how your employee culture ranks vs. the market and your competitors.

Comparably’s product is so noteworthy that investors have taken great interest. Comparably continues to to offer a cost-free product to employers where they can access mountains of valuable data and gain insight into their company culture.


Employees are drawn to Comparably as a one stop shop when it comes to looking for careers. Comparably’s platform allows job seekers to view compensation data and be matched directly with jobs based on their profile. Candidates can even show interest in companies and increase their chances of being matched with their dream job and employer. Comparably for job seekers:

  • Compensation: Access to free fair pay reports so you can be prepared for salary negotiations. See what people like you get paid at work.
  • Career: Have your dream job find you by discovering the companies you match with. Your anonymous profile can show interest in certain companies that may reach out to your for hire.
  • Companies: Review company ratings from real employees. Get a sense of what it is like to work for a company by viewing photos, videos, culture scores and more.
  • Culture: Discover what your peers think about work. See how a company culture fares against its competitors and view how their employees are rating them.

The 4-C’s allow candidates to get a real feel for what it is like to work for companies. As job seekers do more research on potential employers, Comparably’s survey data answers what employees want to know.

So how does it work?


Millions of active and passive job seekers visit Comparably per month. Upon visiting, they are asked to anonymously fill out data about their company resulting in over 2 million company ratings and 250,000 written reviews about compensation, competencies, culture, experience, engagement, gender, race, ethnicity, and much more. Numerous validating tools and anonymizers are in place to increase accuracy and promote participation. For example, Comparably has verified compensation analysis partners. Thus, if a salary is recorded for a job title that is out of range it is flagged and reviewed for accuracy.

Comparably takes it one step further by offering an internal culture survey tool for employers, which is what makes it so unique compared to LinkedIn and Glassdoor. Although some review spaces provide analytics, Comparably’s 100% free tools focus on your current team by gathering results with a unique URL in real time allowing employers to understand their organizational culture. The internal assessment tool can also be used to override currently published data or be utilized privately by the company itself. Whereas Glassdoor only allows employers to respond to poor reviews and highlight strong ones. With Comparably, the employers have the choice whether to publish the internal survey tool data or not.

The recently released (and did we mention, also 100% free) tool allows employers to:

  • Publicly showcase what’s great about your company culture for job seekers, your current team, and stakeholders
  • Ensure that only currently employed, verified employees are leaving feedback
  • Get detailed cultural insights on every facet of your company culture, and see how you compare with the market and your competitors
  • See your culture trends over time and track the ongoing performance of your culture initiatives
  • Get access to more digital candidates on Comparably to hire (Engineering, Product, Design, and Marketing)
  • Be included in Comparably’s “Best Places to Work” and “Top CEOs” syndicated on top publications including ForbesFortuneBusinessInsiderInc, and TechCrunch

Let’s now talk about what’s in it for you.



Startups and SMBs have a huge advantage when it comes to perfecting their company culture. It is easier to move an anthill as opposed to a mountain. On the other hand, a smaller team means a smaller sample size and the effect size of employee data can sway results drastically. For example, one employee can account for a large percentage of survey results, however, that one employee is an accurate representation of the population.

It can be daunting to think that one person can significantly sway results in one direction or the other and this is why we love Comparably’s internal survey tool. Conversely, on Glassdoor and Indeed employers have little to no control over what is posted about their company which can make or break a potential rockstar candidate’s decision to entertain a phone screen or sign an offer letter. With Comparably, the company itself decides whether they want to publish the data which can mitigate the occasional bad review from a disgruntled former employee. Publishing the data can also promote transparency within your organization, gain valuable insight into your team and benchmark your employer brand versus your competitors.

Stop fighting online employee reviews, 4 Point Consulting recommends administering the internal survey tool to increase your employer brand and identify opportunities for growth with you organization. We can help you formulate action plans and highlight employee sentiment data ultimately leading to increased retention, reduction in turnover and control how your company is perceived by job seekers.


Job seekers do more research on companies than ever before. With Comparably, the power is in your hands and their data driven approach allows you to highlight your employer brand and attract the diverse talent pool through any channel you are acquiring talent. 4 Point Consulting can help you leverage this data to benchmark your organization and stand out among competitors. Comparably notes that strong employer branding communicates your employer values to high-quality candidates. By optimizing your recruiting strategy with 4 Point Consulting and Comparably you can define and manage your company’s reputation as an employer.

Comparably also allows you to post unlimited jobs for free. In addition, their survey tools for both employers and job seekers can be combined to match job seekers with potential employers. Over 20,000 candidates have been matched to companies using Comparably. Recruiters and hiring managers can view candidate work profiles and access a rich dashboard of interested and quality talent. According to Comparably, 70% of their millions job seeker visits per month are open to new opportunities and roughly 65% of those are in Engineering, Product, Design and Marketing.

We also love how Comparably can grant admin access to multiple users. For example, you can utilize 4 Point Consulting to manage your company page, post open jobs, match you with potential candidates and promote your employer brand! Over 4,500 employers are currently using Comparably to increase their engagement and benchmark their company’s culture. Also, companies can find and engage with top talent and provide insights into what it is like to work there. Job seekers are flocking to the site to get a “like me” perspective into potential employers.


We encourage you to take advantage of Comparably’s free tools and leverage 4 Point Consulting’sexpertise to establish and promote your presence with Comparably and its millions of visitors. Establish and promote your company brand and start attracting top talent today!

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