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Recruiting Tools to Help with Your Hiring Efforts

For small businesses, recruiting top talent can be a challenging endeavor, especially when competing against bigger companies that have more resources and money to throw into the ring. With that said, never count yourself – the underdog – out! Thanks to a wealth of recruiting tools available today, small businesses can remain competitive and put up quite the fight when attempting to hire and recruit the best possible employees.

The wonderful world wide web has democratized the recruitment process, making recruiting tools that were once hidden weapons of the most renowned agencies available to the masses. Best of all, many of these are free or low cost options that can improve your recruiting process ten-fold! With the right, reliable recruiting tools, your end-to-end hiring process will be bolstered and your outcome will be finding quality hires much quicker and cheaper. Consider adding the following recruiting tools to your repertoire, broken down by key stages in the recruiting process:


As the best recruiters can attest to, proactively searching for candidates to fill open or upcoming positions can yield some of the best new hires. But sourcing qualified job candidates can be like diving head first into the ocean rather than gently wading in. To get the most out of sourcing, you need a way to navigate all of the candidate fishes in the hiring sea, and collect relevant data and information about them that you can turn around in your recruiting efforts to ultimately fill positions.


Networkmonkey utilizes a systematic approach to find qualified candidates, both active and inactive, who may ultimately be interested in or match the requirements of a position you’re looking to fill. By monitoring social media activity according to criteria and filters you establish, Networkmonkey employs predictive analytics to determine if a candidate is currently looking for a new job and then collects their contact details so you can begin recruiting them.

By using Meetup, recruiters can come into contact with a wealth of professionals in a specific industry. This curated pool of talent is a great jumping off point when starting to source qualified candidates. Through Meetup, you can then contact candidates that catch your eye or sign up and attend events where a group of these candidates are planning to gather in order to get in some quality, in-person recruiting.


The name of the game these days when it comes to posting jobs and reeling in applicants is online jobs boards and social media. Sites like Indeed and Glassdoor are great, highly visited job boards that you’d be foolish not to consider utilizing for job ads and postings. If you’re looking for a new, hipper approach, Facebook Marketplace is a burgeoning platform for job postings and recruiting. Meanwhile, recruiting potential candidates and prospects on more professional social media platforms like LinkedIn is a must for the serious recruiter. Still, with all of these social media and online platforms at your disposal, there are recruiting tools out there that can help you optimize their potential for maximum effect.


If you know you should be recruiting on social – and you should – but aren’t sure where to start, HireRabbit is here to hop to your rescue. It enables you to combine your mobile career sites and social media pages into one unit, leading to a greater online connection that makes it easier for potential candidates to find you and apply to jobs you’re looking to fill.

If you’re more inclined to use Facebook, but miss the built-in recruiting tools that a LinkedIn provides, BranchOut is the merger you’ve been waiting for. This system overlays employer information on top of a user’s Facebook interface, allowing recruiters to search for candidates by job title or company. Based on the criteria you set up, BranchOut will offer up candidates that are a match and show you your shared connections with them. It basically turns Facebook into LinkedIn, but with the potential to search through all of Facebook’s 800 million active users – a number that LinkedIn can’t even scratch.


Hiring automation systems and other HR software are technological wonders for recruiters and companies who are actively recruiting. These recruiting tools are state-of-the-art, and can greatly help recruiters refine their process and assist them with everything from communication, speed, data and analytics, background checks, document signing, applicant experience, onboarding and more! And yes, while a comprehensive, all-in-one setup like a hiring automation system might be off-putting for small businesses on the basis of cost, there are quite affordable options out there that will be a boon for small business recruiting efforts without breaking your bank.


ApplicantPro is an applicant tracking system that creates a custom careers page for your business. Their hiring software is designed with one specific goal in mind: to help you hire smarter, better candidates. If you’re looking for a dedicated hiring software and applicant tracking system that embodies customer service and helps you get your recruitment tracking up and running in no time, ApplicantPro is worth considering. Also, check out this comparison guide of similar applicant tracking systems to see how ApplicantPro stacks up to the competition.

BambooHR offers a complete, comprehensive human resource information solution. This hiring software and automation platform focuses on everything employees – from performance management to recruiting to onboarding new employees. They also integrate with many payroll providers, making it an easy add-on for small businesses ready to take their HR efforts to the next level.


Video interviews are the way of the future. When it comes to hiring workers that will be freelancing or working remotely, there’s no better way to conduct an interview than over video. It’s the best way to stage a virtual face to face meeting with candidates that may not be in your backyard and available to come for in-person interviews. Plus, because it’s all automated, you can even set up a video interview process where you record yourself asking questions and then have candidates film their responses – saving you valuable time in the recruiting process.


SparkHire is an innovative platform that specializes in video interviewing. It allows you to create an archive or template of interview questions so you don’t have to actively interview each candidate yourself, while candidates have the freedom to answer questions at their convenience. If you want a more hands-on video interview experience, you can engage in completely interactive interviews remotely from anywhere. Finally, every video conducted over SparkHire is recorded, so you can revisit any candidates’ answers at any time.


To help prepare yourself for video interviews, or to come up with a bank of questions you can record yourself asking for an interview template, there are tons of resources at your disposal. If you want to take a more behavioral approach with your video interviews, check out this guide on conducting behavioral interviews with a free interviewing template. Want a breakdown of how to properly conduct an effective interview? Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to walk you through it. Finally, if you need some inspiration on just what exactly to ask your candidates during a video interview, here’s a collection of 120 great interview questions to get you started.

With these amazing, intuitive and inexpensive recruiting tools at your disposal, your hiring efforts are about to bear witness to a major overhaul. Remember, we’re also a recruiting tool you can turn to in your time of need! We are here to help at any stage of your recruiting process and can offer a free recruitment consultation to assess your particular situation. Schedule a consult with us today!

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