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Attracting Millennials to Your Business

It’s no secret that millennials are taking the workforce by storm. However, millennials crave different things from their jobs than the traditional workers of yesteryear. In an effort to help attract millennial talent, we have compiled a list of things that millennials look for in a company. Here’s what your company must have in order to lure in millennials.

Work/Life Balance

Considering the varied talents and interests of millennials, as our friends at HR Daily Advisor say, many value the ability to be able to juggle having both a great professional life as well as having an awesome personal life. Therefore, flexibility is key with millennials. Companies can actually appeal to millennials on this subject by providing work from home options, wellness programs and promoting breaks during the work day.

Strong Mission/Vision Statement

Millennials are very driven, and crave a sense of purpose. As a result, they are drawn to companies that have a strong mission/vision statement. They want to support and be associated with a company that directly aligns with something they are passionate about. For example, Chipotle is a company with a strong mission and vision statement about their intent to provide “Food with Integrity” by knowing the sources of their ingredients and preparing them in a fresh way for their customers, which resonates with millennials because of its consciousness around environmental and societal impacts.

Therefore, millennials support and indulge in Chipotle not just because of their delicious food, but also because of the positive impact their corporate practices have on society and the environment. With that being said, as Simple Marketing Now says, companies can appeal to millennials by having a strong mission/vision statement that shows how their company is making a difference in some way, rather than just making a profit.

Corporate Responsibility

As mentioned above, millennials are passionate about various issues. Finding a company that aligns with their views and interests so they feel they’re making an impact is an alluring opportunity. Often, this burden falls on the company. Millennials consider what’s called corporate social responsibility (i.e. business practices with initiatives that benefit society) to be an important factor in working for a company. Therefore, companies can appeal to millennials through various environmental efforts (“going green”), philanthropic efforts (donating to charities), and volunteering efforts (attending volunteer events or allowing time off to volunteer).

Opportunities for Growth

It shouldn’t come as a shock that a sense of security with one’s long-term future at a company is a high priority. Millennials place value in having opportunities for growth. Contrary to the popular belief that they are lazy, millennials actually want to work hard and are always looking for opportunities for grow professionally. The misconception of their laziness is due to the fact that millennials know their worth and what they bring to the table; therefore, they won’t settle for a company that they cannot grow in. Considering their desire for growth, companies need to ensure that they provide opportunities, development programs, trainings and additional resources to carve out an upward trajectory for millennials.

Diversity & Inclusion

Millennials are a very diverse, tolerant and inclusive generation. They’re big on having the freedom to express their individuality however they see fit, and allowing others to do the same. Therefore, diversity and inclusion are bigger than just having diverse co-workers. Millennials want a workspace that’s safe for them and their co-workers to feel free in expressing themselves. Companies that make diversity and inclusion a part of their company’s core values stand out among the crowd for millennials. Not only should diversity and inclusion fit into a company’s mission/vision statement, but it should also be exemplified through various initiatives, such as diversity hiring practices, diversity-related committees, diversity-related safe spaces, a more open dress code and a non-discrimination policy.


As mentioned before, millennials like to balance their professional lives while still getting the most out of their personal life. They also like to feel valued and appreciated. What better way to show this while providing an environment that encourages work/life balance than by providing by offering some awesome perks? Some of those perks could include discounts on services and products at popular stores, encompassing benefits packages, company-organized wellness events, gym memberships, healthy snacks and free food, pet-friendly policies and maybe even a designated nap room.


Hopefully these points have provided some insight on what is needed to attract millennials to your company. Some people may complain that millennials want it all, but overall they just want to feel valued, appreciated and included while establishing an overall balanced lifestyle between work and play. While it may come off as being entitled for some, the truth is millennials know their value and exactly what they can bring to a company. They won’t settle for less because they know they’re worth it. Now, your company just has to realize it too!

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