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Managerial Skills Millennials Need to Have & Stress Management

Managerial Skills Millennials Need to Have & Stress Management

We were thrilled to have Christy’s input included on this great article on by CollegeRecruiter, which talks about the key managerial skills millennials need to train themselves in order to be considered for managerial roles.

One area we would like to focus on is how millennials need to train themselves in: Stress Management. Raise your hand if you thought college was stressful… and then you got to the real world and found out you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Between filing taxes, paying rent, and truly really cooking for yourself without the help of dining halls or student unions, the real world can hit new graduates and young people like a ton of bricks.

Aside from these new responsibilities, all of which are stressful, your old habits of blowing off steam by heading to a bar until 2 am just isn’t going to cut it- in fact, it will make your stress levels worse because you will be hungover, overtired, and possibly even get yourself in trouble at work.

You need to figure out how to manage your stress, and in a productive, constructive way that actually lowers your stress levels (and those fancy chemicals like adrenaline and cortisol that result from stress, which can cause some pretty bad health issues, even in young people).

Here are our top 3 ways for millennials to manage their stress:

  1. Remember when you were young & join a team- Find a local association and join an intramural sports league, or start a team among your friends and join together. Bonus- some of these associations also double as dating organizations!
  2. Get crafty- Whether it’s paint by number, your own knitting creation, or an adult coloring book, art relieves stress and can be incredibly meditative. If you aren’t sure where to start, try to find a class or a neighborhood business that offers lessons. Which brings us to our next tip…
  3. Make the most of the offers on Groupon, Gilt City, Living Social, etc…- Think you can’t afford stress relief? Use the coupon websites like a ninja and make the most of the 10 lessons or whatever you get for $20-$30. Read the fine print just in case, but this can be a great way to afford yoga, boxing, art classes or other fun things!

What are your favorite ways to manage stress when work gets crazy? Tell us!

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